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xfree 4.2.1 crushes at starup (debian testing)


I am running Debian Testing. I have xfree86 2.4.1-3 installed some
time ago. In the middle of the last night, the computer was crushed
big time. I couldn't do anything but hard reboot by pressing the reset
button. The X didn't come back up and right before the X starts, the
system crushes big time again and the only option is to press on the
reset button. After each reset, the system does the fsch and complains
about one of the partition being inconsistent and ask me to run fsch
manually without the -a and -p option, and I do and it fixes some
stuff. Then I reboot again with 'shutdown -r now' and try to attempt
to start the x window, it crushes again. And I go thru the same reset
and fsch routine and spend 20 min to try again. It might be trying to
write something to the /var/log/* before the crush and that must be
why it is complaining about the inconsistent partition.

I have tried the 'startx -- 2>&1 | tee ~/startx.log' to capture the
log to see what the problem is, but it crushes so quickly that the log
file does not have anything, not even created yet.

So, I am totally clue less on what else to do. I have not installed
changed any configs recently to cause this.

What can I do? How can find the problem or log it before the crush?
I reinstalled every xfree stuff again, nothing changed. I re-compiled 
the nvidia drivers, nothing change. Please HELP. Thanks.

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