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monitoring a file over nfs

Inspired by "console-log", I've set up a simple script that
monitors a log from my local server (in another room :) ) that's
mounted over nfs. It gets started from init. 
The problem is that when switching to the specified console, I see
only "Permission denied" messages. So the first time I experienced
it, I checked the permissions with "ls -l" on that directory and
everything seemed to be fine. The interesting thing, however, was
that it made the log appear correctly as soon as I issued "ls" or
"df", kind of like touching the mounted filesystem or something
similar. Putting "df" into the script makes no difference, and
"console-log" just returns nothing until I log in and issue "ls"
by myself. After that, both facilities work the same.

If it's important, my script basically does this:

openvt -f -c${tty_num} -- run --restart --robust less +F $log

Is there a way to get rid of those messages instantly?

echo ${girl_name} > /etc/dumpdates

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