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Re: Dumb terminals possible with i386 Debian

Andy said:

> People have mentioned in this thread to just go get some old 486 and
> Pentium boxes and make them be dumb terminals.  No.  I really don't want
> to be messing around with old boxes.  I want something FAST like this unit

your going to pay a large premium for such a product. An example I
can think of though is the ThinkNIC, CDROM based, 4MB flash, 64MB
ram, includes a citrix client(never used the citrix). my grandparents
have one, I spent a couple days hacking up the software to include a bunch
more stuff including SSH server/client, VNC client/server, opera, a buncha
games, abiword etc. All runs from the CDROM. I also upgraded the ram
to 128MB. There is no "shutdown" you just turn it off when your finished.
I was shocked on how fast it is, very impressed. I never tried it with
64MB, when I got it, first thing I did was upgrade to 128MB.

they run I think $245 from www.thinknic.com (no monitor). It appears
to be based on Debian 2.1, or debian 2.2? I forget, whichever was
based on glibc 2.1. So I couldn't get any modern build of mozilla
on it(not compadible with glibc 2.1). Opera worked good though as
does netscape 4.

a list of similar products is available at:


having recently worked at a thin client software company(a compeditor
to citrix for win32, and to some extent unix, they are the fastest
thin client software for unix/linux available). the market for such
devices is minimal, which is why I think they aren't very common.

depending on where you work and what the goal is you could save a ton
of cash by rolling your own stuff. I'm not saying take old pieces of
shit computers I'm sayin build a buncha micro ITX systems(or order
them pre built). Take an "embedded" linux CDROM based distro(such
as what the ThinkNIC uses, its freely downloadable in ISO format),
configure it to use the hardware that you choose ..and go with it.
You could reduce costs more by going fully netboot and not use
cdroms at all.

good luck


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