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Re: Manipulating .debs

Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> writes:

>> Well, I always just ar x'd the .deb, then edited the control file,
>> then used debian/rules binary to build a new .deb...
> So ... where are you getting debian/rules? That's in *source* packages,
> not binary packages (i.e. .debs).

My bad. <sheepish grin> Am getting too used to the convenience of
apt-get source. That said, kudos to Debian maintainers - I regularly
point to the ease of apt-get sourcing anything on my system as one of
the main cool things about Debian compared to certain other
distributions... <laugh>

What's the canonical way of tweaking a .deb, then? I usually grab the
source because I'll probably want to configure it differently or study
the code. 

On a not-quite-related note... I'm having problems (well, really just
inconveniences) with a non-Debianized Emacs CVS. I have an equivs
package for emacs21 and symlinks set up to make sure things get
installed into the right locations, so most Debian emacs packages
install properly. However, it's a bit of a kludge. I suppose the right
way to do this is to wait until Emacs 21.3.whatever hits unstable, or
just not care about the kludginess of it all.. |)

Sacha Chua <sacha@free.net.ph> - 4 BS CS Ateneo geekette
interests: emacs, linux, wearables, teaching compsci

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