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Re: could we use c replace perl in cgi program?

Elizabeth Barham wrote:
1) If you want to install that library, you ought to do it manually
   as the way the Makefile is, it will not work correctly.

highly apprecaite you point out how to "as the way the Makefile is"(modify Makefile in cgilib-0.5? by adding or deleting or modifying anything?)?

some in debian seem also have a package do about using c replace perl

-----------------------------(some debian 's camp's friend-----------

Well, sure, where do you expect name and value to actually be defined?
(I don't think 'extern' is allowed to modify local variables in any
case.)  You also might look for C CGI libraries if this would make you
happy; there seems to be a libcgicg1-dev package in unstable, which
appears to provide the right functionality.

-------------------I install what he recommand----------------------

2) The error is within cgitest.c, specifically:
     printf ("<h3>Cookie "Library" set</h3>\n");
   which can be remedied by modifing the line to:
     printf ("<h3>Cookie \"Library\" set</h3>\n");


this is my c program try, to achieve get data out from html's submit and form, if it is not a dream

I tried a simple c program(although it not compile write)
> to parse the name and value it inherate from visitor hit the submit form
> ------------------------------------------------
> #include <stdio.h>
> int main()
> {
>           extern char name[][];
>           extern char value[][];
>           printf("Content-type: text/html\n\n");
>           printf("<html><body>\n");
>           printf("the price fo ", name[1], " equal ", value[1], "\n");
>           printf("</body></html>");
> }

Sincere Eric
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