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Re: Content Management System sought

What about Back-End? (http://sourceforge.net/projects/back-end/)

Disclaimer: I know nothing about it, just happened to run across it


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On Fri, 13 Dec 2002, martin f krafft wrote:

> also sprach Randy Edwards <redwards@golgotha.net> [2002.12.13.1832 +0100]:
> >    My advice would be to look into PostNuke <http://www.postnuke.com> with 
> > various modules (e.g. phpWiki).  I run it on <http://www.debianhelp.org> 
> > and I think you'll see all the features there that you're looking for.  
> > PostNuke does exist as a Debian package, but it changes rapidly and I'm not 
> > sure how recent the Debian package is.
> Sure, but it's that three-column architecture which I can't stand.
> I want regular webpages. None of that spiffy slashdotty look.
> This is to replace the pages at http://www.ifi.unizh.ch/ailab if you
> care to look at it.
> Also, please read the first line in my signature.
> Thanks though!
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