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Re: Openoffice upgrade no menu fonts

On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 10:46:25AM -0600, Dale Hair wrote:
> I read this and everything else I found on google, everything on my
> system seems to be correct.  I also reinstalled msttcorefonts and
> x-ttcidfont-conf.

Did you downgrade libfreetype6 to the version in Woody?

> What I don't understand is that it works fine when run as root, which is
> what I had to resort to in order to print a document I needed.  When run
> as user or sudo I have no menu fonts.  So is this an environment issue
> or what?

I don't really know since I can't see your system.  There are a few things
that could be different on your system - OOo creates caches of fonts and
maybe there is something different there (see pspfontcache files), or maybe
you have some fonts which are only readable by root.


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