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Re: Newbie trying to install mod_ssl

"Jokke Heikkilä" <jokke.heikkila@kuva.fi> writes:

> I've installed Woody and wanted to add mod_ssl to my apache conf. I
> downloaded the tarball from modssl.org and unpacked. When installing the
> mod, the installer asks for the path for my Apache source tree. Where is
> it? I sort of thought that it would be /usr/lib/apache/src , but there's
> no folder by that name.
> jokke h.

Unless you have a special need to compile mod_ssl in a non-standard way,
I think you can avoid building it altogether.  Instead, you can just
install the "apache-ssl" debian package, which already has SSL support
built in.  It provides a separate "apache-ssl" executable which allows
this ssl-enabled Apache server to run in parallel with the standard one.

I'm running the servers from both the "apache" and "apache-ssl" packages
on my system, and everything works fine.

 Lloyd Zusman

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