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Re: mozilla 1.2 and debian

On 12/12/02 22:17, Andy wrote:
Kind of a newbie question here.
I really want to try Mozilla Calendar but I need Mozilla 1.2 first.
My apt-get tells me that my Mozilla 1.0.0 is already the newest
version.  4 questions please:

Should I just download and compile Mozilla 1.2 on my own?

Works like a charm--I'm currently using the product of the 1.2.1-3 sources on stable (_definately_ go for the 1.2.1-3 sources). Takuo (as always) has done excellent work--had no problem, whatsoever, compiling with the dependencies that were pulled via apt-get from stable.

I would like to stick with the Debian way but I have no choice here since I need 1.2 What are the implications of doing my own install?

If you do a build with un-modified sources, you should have no problem/difficulty. I did try to add the grippies back into the sources, but only got the grips to show--not the functionality: just started over, re-compiled, and all is well ;-). I did have to manually install the .debs produced from the compile, though . . . .

Oh, and you won't want to go back to 1.0.0 ;-)

If something is wrong with the newest mozilla how do I go back to the original debian Mozilla 1.0.0 package?

Just 'remove' the 1.2.1 .debs, and then do an 'apt-get install mozilla' (assuming your /etc/apt/sources.list still points to stable).

Have fun--1.2.1 is excellent.
andrew (too)

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