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Re: complete system lock up

>> The problem recently got much worse, to the point where kdm crashed
>> before it had even displayed the login window. I removed kdm and I was
>> able to start kde, but I soon got it ot crash again by messing about
>> with my kde kpanel settings.

> Hmmm and you can realiably use the system at the console level without a
> crash, right?  Have you run the system through Memtest86?  Have you
> tried another GUI such as Blackbox, Sawfish, Enlightenment?

I have tried Gnome and got it to crash in just about the same way.
I tried memtest86 and the program crashed at Test #5 [Block move, 64 moves, cached]
I also tried memmxtest and that gave me the following message:-
 Interrupt:    Unexpected Interrupt - Halting
      type:     Bound
        PC:     00000010
     Eflag:     00000018
        CS:    00010097
Err Code:    00000016

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