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Re: courier-imap

Derrick 'dman' Hudson said:

> | Or did I miss something with uw-imap and squirrelmail?
> | SquirrelMail is creating folders in the format of:
> | INBOX.Sent and uw-imap has folders like Sent.
> I have squirrelmail and uw-imap together on my machine.  I did find
> a bug filed as #152219 but I think it has been fixed already.  (hmm, I
> should un-hack my squirrelmail and test it :-)).
> In IMAP, the "INBOX.Sent" notation means that the folder named "Sent"
> has the path "INBOX".  So if "INBOX" is located on disk as ~/Mail,
> then the Sent folder would be ~/Mail/Sent.  If that's the situation
> you're seeing, that's normal.  (The real details, I believe, is that
> INBOX is /var/mail/$USER and all other folders reside under ~/Mail)
> -D

Running Courier/Exim here. INBOX = ~/Maildir, SENT = ~/Maildir/.SENT,
Debian-user = ~/Maildir/.Debian-user, Debian-User-Archive =
~/Maildir/.Debian-user/.Debian-User-Archive, etc. Courier understands
folders within folder as does Squirrelmail. I subscribe to my basic
set of folders that mail gets dropped into. When a folder starts to
fill with stuff I want to keep I subscribe to the "archive" folder
that I have created for it and dump some stuff over.

Courier and Squirrelmail seem to work fine for small/medium folders.
When I got over about 1200 - 1500 messages in a single folder because
I was away a few days then Squirrelmail seemed to barf and started
issuing errors. Turns out after reading through the errors it was
actually php4 having timeout and memory stack issues trying to index
the large folder. Modifed a couple of lines in
/etc/php4/apache/php.ini and now it works (slowly) even if I forget to
clean house and end up with 2000+ messages in one folder.

If you don't want to muck about with getting postfix to deliver to
Maildir folders just install procmail and add a simple .procmailrc to
all users home directories that does the delivery. I use procmail to
sort to about 12 or 15 different folders based on many criteria. I
believe most debainized MTA's are set up by default to deliver through
procmail if a .procmailrc resides in a user's home directory.



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