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Re: Embedded Linux PDA

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 01:46:40PM -0800, Curtis Vaughan wrote:

> I'm thinking of getting a Linux embedded PDA, but was wondering what
> people would advise. Looking at what's out there Sony's Zaurus 

That would be Sharp's Zaurus, not Sony.  I think I'd die of shock if I
ever saw a Sony device provided with Linux natively. =) 

> looks pretty good.  

I'd wait for the new version due out in Feb 2003 (actually I already

> Anyhow, really the main reason I would want one is not just for
> addresses and some scheduling, but really, I would like to be certain
> that I could ssh in to servers as necessary.  

That's a very good question... anyone with a Zaurus or similar that can
confirm or deny the ability to run a shell and shell utils?

Jamin W. Collins

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