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Re: port :80 and my ISP

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 04:15:38AM -0500, Shawn Lamson wrote:
| Hey all -
| I am working on getting my box to serve a webpage; it seems ok with apache2 running (btw not the debian packaged version - it seemed "whacked") but I have to use port 123.321.89.98:8000 b/c I can't seem to get anything from port 80... I am assuming my ISP blocks port 80, but what can I use to see if anything does in fact come in to port 80 and I am somehow rejecting/denying the packets?  I am not running any sort of firewall that I know of.
| Thank you,
| Shawn Lamson
| BTW - kernel is 2.4.19
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i had the same problem with optimum online/cablevision. they blocked
traffic on port 80, so i ran apache on port 81. at the time, i was
running my site as theigloo.dhs.org, which was
http://theigloo.dhs.org:81. so, i registered jharv.com, ran the dns
myself, and pointed www.jharv.com out to my friend on the 'net. he then
has his apache set up to use url forwarding to basicall point
www.jharv.com back to theigloo.dhs.org:81 and all works fine.

good luck,

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