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Re: apt preferences (was Re: Mozilla 1.2.1)

Vineet Kumar <debian-user@virtual.doorstop.net> wrote

I highly recommend giving aptitude a whirl.  It handles this setup much
better than dselect.

Very nice tool - thanks for the pointer! If I understand correctly what it was telling me last night, it looks like mozilla-browser 1.2.1 depends on libc6, which conflicts with a bunch of other packages, so pulling in Mozilla 1.2 would also force the upgrade of several other packages to unstable (including some pretty basic ones like gcc). Since I use this machine pretty regularly for doing other things in addition to tinkering :-) I wound up shying away from the upgrade. I'll probably wait until more of it percolates into testing, or maybe finally dedicate the time to getting mutt and an alternative browser going.

- Jeff

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