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Re: complete system lock up

> On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 12:31:11PM +0000, Ben Thompson wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am having some serious problems with my sid system. I am getting
> > regular system lock ups when using x-windows. I have not noticed the
> > system lock up when I'm just using the console so I think it must be
> > something to do with x. There are a few different ways to make it crash,
> > one way which works every time is to open the taskbar preferences
> > dialogue in kde, or another way is to load up and start using
> > openoffice. It can happen at other seemingly random times though when
> > running general applications in x. When the system locks, the mouse
> > pointer freezes and the keyboard does not respond so I have to do a hard
> > reboot everytime.
> Can you ssh/telnet from other machine?

No the whole system locks up. I get "no route to host" when I try to ssh to

> I had bad problem using X4.1 (woody) on 3Dfx card which I could not even
> ssh into the system.  Since upgrading to X4.2 (sarge/sid), problem
> subsided.
> (did you have problem under X3? potato)

I haven't tried X3 and I've only ever run woody upwards on this system
(currently sid).
I have tried different graphics cards, and that didn't make any difference.

Should I try X3?

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