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Only minimal modules loaded with usermin?

I've installed both webmin and usermin under woody, but there seems to
be some sort of configuration problem with usermin.

I installed all the webmin.* and usermin.* packages, including
`webmin-usermin'.  I have gone into "Usermin Configuration" via webmin,
into the "Available Modules" section, and I have selected all 22 modules
to be made visible to users.

I have then gone into "Module Restrictions" and made all of these
modules available to the users in question.

Under "Allowed Users and Groups", I have selected "Allow all users".

All other usermin configuration settings are reasonable.

Then, I go to the usermin page at https://my.domain.name:20000, and I
log in.  All I see are the following 4 modules:

  Disk Quotas
  Plan File
  Scheduled Commands
  Scheduled Cron Jobs

This happens no matter what user I log in as.

Where are the other 18 modules?

Even after shutting down and restarting webmin and usermin, I can't see
more than these 4 usermin modules when I log in.

And yes, I made sure to "Save" everything under the "Usermin
Configuration" section of webmin.  I know that this has worked, because
all my choices have been saved and reappear every time I go to that
configuration section.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

 Lloyd Zusman

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