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Re: OT: mutt deletes folder when last message is removed

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 09:48:35AM +0100, Holger Rauch wrote:
> I've recently switched from Pine to mutt on Debian Woody and am now faced
> with the problem that as soon as I remove the last message from a folder,
> the folder is also deleted.
> Any idea why this could happen and how to avoid it?

whilst in mutt press F1/help once and read to your hearts delight the
very thorough yet compact manual.  It's *all* defined there though it
might take some getting used to to appreciate its thoroughness.

>From that manual:

 6.3.193.  save_empty

  Type: boolean
  Default: yes

  When unset, mailboxes which contain no saved messages will be removed
  when closed (the exception is ````$spoolfile'''' which is never
  removed).  If set, mailboxes are never removed.

  Note: This only applies to mbox and MMDF folders, Mutt does not delete
  MH and Maildir directories.

groetjes, carel

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