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RE: System beeps and then hang :(

Thanks Nate, i'll go and test it when i come home from work.
Maybe a heatsink grease doesn't cope for more then 3 years :)

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Jonas Persson said:
> Hi, i have an old PIII 500 mhz system which is about 3 years old. For
> about 4 months i had problem with the system beeping (the system speeker)
> for about 3 times each 2 seconds. I thought it was the power supply which
> was brokes (the fan wasn't running at all) so i switched power supply and
> everything ran just fine for abour 3 months.

sounds like the CPU is overheating. even with a fan it can overheat.
Try putting new heatsink grease between the CPU and the heatsink that
should help. Another sure way to test is to run CPUBurn. One of my
former co workers had this trouble, I booted to my linux rescue cd
and fired up CPUBurn, the system would beep like yours within seconds
of running CPUBurn, and stop beeping within a second of stopping it.
Once I replaced the heatsink grease the system stopped beeping and stopped

there could also be other problems, such as power voltage out of whack
etc. Check the bios, most good BIOSs can query the hardware monitors
of the motherboard(if there are any) which show voltages, temperatures,
fan RPMs etc..


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