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Re: Distribution tailored for education


My situation is much similar to yours. We badly need a way to make it 
possible to install a given custom subset of Debian by people with almost 
no Linux (or even general computer usage) experience.
Additional requirement here is that everything should be in russian. Not a 
single english comment.

I have not seen a ready-to-use solution for this. But I hope to make one 
using either knoppix or PGI when I get some more or less free time ...

If you will find something related, please drop me a note to 
yoush@cs.msu.su ...

> My department has recently (hallelujah!) and after much controversy
> decided to install linux in our labs. It will have to be dual bot with
> Windoze, but that's life, and by the by.
> What I was wodnering was this: it seemed a good idea to produce our
> own distribution which we could hand to the students (particularly the
> first years, some of whom have very little experience) for them to
> install on their home systems and have the same desktop setup as at
> school. (Before I go on I should point out that we are a community
> college, not high school, so our requirements are somewhat different -
> e.g. java)
> It also seemed obvious to me (the recent convert) that basing it on RH
> or similar would be creating an ongoing upgrade problem for ourselves
> and the students (and the distinct likelihood of their getting
> themselves into "RPM dependency hell" - I spent some time there myself
> before seeing the light) so I now need to persuade our very
> RH-oriented techhie to go with Debian.
> So: am I about to reinvent the wheel? Has somebody already done this
> or similar? Are there any resources people know about? Pointers?
> Suggestions?

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