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Re: Sounds of silence--I want volume!

    "Haralambos" == Haralambos Geortgilakis <haralambos@ihug.co.nz> writes:

    Haralambos> I used "kuser" to manage the groups.


The problem with groups is that you need to logout and log back in
before any groups you are added to will take effect. It does not
matter that you use kuser or the more humble 'adduser' command. If you
*think* you are in a group, confirm it with the groups command. Never
hurts, I promise!

    Haralambos> But I now think the problem was 'cdrom" is actually a
    Haralambos> link to my ASUS "dvdrom."

You mean /dev/cdrom is a link to /dev/dvdrom, which is a link to....? 

    Haralambos> What I needed to do, I think, is create this group &
    Haralambos> then add myself to it too?

Trace down to the *real* device that all your symbolic links point
to. For example you might have /dev/cdrom -> /dev/dvdrom -> /dev/hdc
and then you should 'ls -l /dev/hdc' and see what group that device is
in. It should be in 'cdrom' and you should 'adduser luser cdrom' from
the root prompt (where luser ofcourse is the user id of the user ;-)

If your real CDROM device is *not* in the 'cdrom' group change it with
the 'chgrp cdrom /dev/hd..' command (as root). This can happen
sometimes if your CDROM was not used to install Debian.

If this does not work, you have a more serious problem that you should
probably investigate first. Of course, I can't tell you what that
"more serious problem" is since I'm not sure it won't work!

Sorry if I am repeating the obvious, but give it a try. It is worth
doing this The Right Way in the long run.


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