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pon - Modem keeps redialling

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> From: Chip Rose [mailto:ncrose@pinn.net]
> Sent: Tuesday, 10 December 2002 10:35 AM
> To: Pigeon
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> Subject: Re: pon - Modem keeps redialling


> I've deleted all entries to exim in cron.weekly and cron.daily, the only
> places I found any reference to exim, and it still dials in every five
> minutes.  For now, I'll have to just let it dial away until I find the
> answer, but will mute the modem so I won't have to listen to the noise all
> the time. I'll run pon when completely away from the computer to keep my
> ISP from firing me for the incessant dialups!  Thanks for the response!


try editing your crontab with

crontab -e

and see if there is anything there.

Do you run your exim from xinetd or as a daemon from your init scripts?

If you don't have timed calls to your isp, and have unlimited
time/downloads, why not just bring the link up when you start and drop it
when you finish?

I use pon/poff at home to bring my dialup link up on demand and have no such
problems with the line coming up for no reason.  I don't run exim on that
machine though.  I could send my configs to you if you wish.


Andrew R. Reid

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