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RE: enabling apm on laptop

> Okay, so this isn't enough to solve the problem. I've
> added apm on a new line to /etc/modules and added 
> append="apm=on" to lilo.conf (b4 running lilo...) BUT 
> /proc/apm doesn't exist, so when I try and run apm I get the 
> message 'No APM support in kernel'. Am I going to have to 
> reconfigure the kernel (how?) or what? Thanks.... 
> "Darryl L. Pierce"  wrote:On 2002.12.09 12:12 Simon
> Tod wrote:> > Bit of a simple newbie question I
> fear......> > I've got Woody up and running on my
> laptop but must have missed> something during
> installation as I don't have APM enabled in the>
> kernel; I tried to get a GNOME battery monitor applet
> running without> success, and the machine just hangs
> at 'Power Down' after I've> shutdown. How do I
> reconfigure the kernel to fix this?> > Thanks in
> advance...You need to load the APM module. Add the
> line:apmto your /etc/modules file. Or, if your laptop
> has ACPI, enable those modules instead. Also, to avoid 
> rebooting, you can also load APM immediately as root with the 
> command:modprobe apmHTH. :)-- Darryl L. Pierce Visit the 
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> Mr. Feynman?"
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I thought there was a kernel option apm=on, um, set in lilo.conf

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