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Re: hdparm: invalidate: busy buffer

Pigeon said:

> Right, I've heard lots of people moaning about the RAID version. OK,
> thanks.
> When you say 'buggy', do you mean losing data at all? I've never had
> anything like that, it's just not very quick.

It's been 3 years, so my experiences are not up to date :) but when
I had problems(it was on a new Asus CUV4X at the time) it involved the
disk operating in PIO mode and load average jumping to 10 for many small
tasks running, making the system unusuable. I was able to "force" the disk
to DMA mode but a little while later(random time elapse, usually a few hours),
there would be a bunch of DMA errors and the kernel would revert to PIO
mode again.

I wouldn't care so much, disk speed isn't that important to me, but when
the load jumps to 8-10+ it becomes a problem! I mean it could take 30
seconds to run 'top' before I got any results back

as far as I remember I never had any data loss, nor crashes or anything
just obscene load averages, and the inability to reliably put the drive
in DMA mode. Using the promise controller immediately fixed it. And i've
been using that controller in several systems ever since. I read a bunch
of other reports at the time about problems with VIA chipsets(my older
VIA MVP3 based K6-3 works wonderfully in DMA mode) so I knew it wasn't
just me.


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