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Re: apt preferences (was Re: Mozilla 1.2.1)

* Jeff Cours (linux-j@moriarti.org) [021209 11:01]:
> I generally manage packages using dselect. I'm running testing, but 
> would like to pick up a package or two from unstable (namely, Mozilla 
> 1.2.1, rather than the 1.0.0 that's in stable). However, I'd still 
> like the machine to be mostly based on testing and stable. Is there a 
> way to tell dselect to show me available packages from unstable? Or is 
> that something people generally use apt-get to do? Here is my current 
> /etc/apt/preferences

I highly recommend giving aptitude a whirl.  It handles this setup much
better than dselect.  Dselect doesn't have knowledge of apt's
preferences, whereas aptitude will show you all available versions of a
package and automatically select your preferred one, leaving you the
option of interactively selecting newer versions.  Its handling of
depends, reverse-depends, and multiple versions is really great.

> I'm a little concerned with the idea of bumping up unstable's priority 
> because I don't want to upgrade everything to unstable, just selected 
> packages.

Right, that's the whole point of using preferences.  Otherwise you might
as well just go mucking with sources.list.

good times,
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