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Re: best traffic shaper solution for modem line?

Hello David,

Am 17:26 2002-12-05 +1100 hat David Cureton geschrieben:

>> If so, tough. You can only shape outgoing traffic. Think about it.
>Ahhh, surely it would be possible to manipulate the tcp sliding window to
>cause incomming traffice to be slowed down somewhat. Not sure if any
>solutions do this but there IS flowcontrol in tcp! Would require modification
>to the IP stack though!

currently I am lookig for the page, because YOU CAN shape incomming

For example: You can have an ADSL with 8 MBit, but ich you use an
old 386/40 you will get only 1/2 MBit. So you must slow down the
tcp protocol ore something like this...

I have had for some month a Link how to do this with Kernel 2.4.XX


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