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RE: Questions about horde2

Title: RE: Questions about horde2

Yes I feel a bit stupid now !!!
The debian installation is so automatised that I assumed that the tables were already created.


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Subject: Re: Questions about horde2

Selon Mikael Jirari <Mikael@eits.info>:

> Hi List,
> I successfully installed horde2/imp/turba and the calendar program.
> Basic action are working, i.e sending receiving email but :
> I can't create a new folder for my mails, I have this error in the logs
> Failed retrieving prefs for mikael [on line 267 of
> "/usr/share/horde2/lib/Prefs/sql.php"]
> I can't add new stuff in my calendar
> I can't change my prefs.
> If anybody have had the same problem, I'll really appreciate help about how
> he did resolve that issue.

It looks like you either:
- didn't install mysql
- didn't configure mysql (create the tables.. for horde)


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