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Re: pon - Modem keeps redialing

On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 11:37, Chip Rose wrote:
> My modem won't stop redialing periodically, even though I've got
> inactivity timeout set for 300 seconds.  A few minutes later, it dials in
> again, and does it non-stop throughout the day, unless I kill the
> connection with poff.  Demand dialing is on, but why does it keep
> incessantly dialing in without being used?  Also, I can't turn the modem
> volume off in /etc/chatscripts/provider, so the recurring noise of the
> modem constantly dialing in is a pain.  I've tried to duplicate some of
> the things I read on the net, but can't get the modem noise or the
> constant dialing in, turned off.  Here's my /etc/chatscripts/provider:
> Thanks!

Check the syslog to see what processes are initiating the connection. 
When -- for instance -- fetchmail awakens the diald, it'll hang up again
as soon as it's done fetching unless some other process has started
using the connection in the meantime.  (I used to use an IRC client as a
linefill/keepalive.)  Either disable the daemons that are making
connections, or configure them to connect less frequently, or get rid of
diald and stick to connecting with pon, which won't hang up until you

I'm having the same problem with the modem speaker not turning off --
I've got "M0" in the init string, but it doesn't turn off the speaker
like it's supposed to.

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