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Re: lilo hangs @ 'L'

--- Lance Hoffmeyer <lance@augustmail.com> wrote:
> When booting my system lilo hangs at 'L'.  I
> can boot from the floppy fine. This occurs when
> booting from the harddrive only.  No
> error code just 'L'
> How do i fix?
> Lance

This is a quite common problem. Lots of discussions
and solutions from google, for example:


Yeilds this:

Try booting with linux append="hda=xx,xx,xx" (where
the xx's
denote C(ylinders),H(eads),S(ectors per track).  Once
booted up and Lilo knows the geometry of your drive,
put a
permanent line in /etc/lilo.conf (the same append
without the word linux) & re-rerun /sbin/lilo.  Next
time you
boot it should be able to boot off hda2.

A better solution of course would be to simply
reinstall Lilo
to the MBR - it will boot '95 just fine, but try the
above if
you don't want to go that route.

As well as this:

On my system: /usr/doc/lilo-0.19-1/README

I'll paste some relevant parts here:

When LILO loads itself, it displays the word "LILO".
Each letter is printed
before or after performing some specific action. If
LILO fails at some
point, the letters printed so far can be used to
identify the problem. This
is described in more detail in the technical overview.


  L <error> ...   The first stage boot loader has been
loaded and started,
   but it can't load the second stage boot loader. The
two-digit error
   codes indicate the type of problem. (See also
section "Disk error
   codes".) This condition usually indicates a media
failure or a geometry
   mismatch (e.g. bad disk parameters, see section
"Disk geometry").

What exactly have you got in the MBR, btw? ;-)

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