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Re: Swedish latex?

Hello again,

The problem is that the file "sehyph.tex" doesn't seem to exist in the package tetex-base, as it used to do. Searching for it with the search-function on debian.org leavs me with nothing, the file can't be found in the unstable release. Hence, "apt-get --reinstall install ><><><" doesn't do much either, since the version in which sehyph.tex exists isn't available in the unstable release. Um, I hope this cleared things out a little...
More suggestions, anyone?


sean finney wrote:


can't say i know what the problem is, but if you have access to the
file you're missing, here's what i imagine a quick fix would be:

(on the old machine)
$ dpkg -S /path/to/sehyph.tex
(which will give you the package name)
$ apt-cache show packagename | grep Version
(which will give you the version)
$ apt-get --reinstall install packagename=version

granted it's not the most graceful fix, but i'd bet it'd work :)


On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 02:08:48PM +0100, Gustav Olsson wrote:
Hello everybody, I run debian unstable and face a problem: Since I'm swesdish I want to run latex with swedish hyphenation, but I canät compile my old swedish .tex documents, when I try to compile the I get "No hyphenation patterns were loaded for the language `Swedish'" I havce tried to add a line for swedish in the languages.dat file, but I don't have a sehyph.tex to refer to. This file doesnt exist in the unstable release, but do exist in the testing and stable. Is there a new way of getting this to work or what? Grateful for help..


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