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hdparm: invalidate: busy buffer


I have a 600MHz Celeron with VIA 82Cxxx chipset; /dev/hda is a
Seagate 20Gb UDMA66 drive, partitioned /dev/hda1 FAT16 375Mb,
/dev/hda2 FAT16 125Mb, /dev/hda3 swap 2Gb, /dev/hda4 ext2 17.5Gb.

Doing hdparm -Tt /dev/hda4 gives me a transfer speed around 10Mb/s for
buffered disk reads, and a load of "invalidate: busy buffer" messages.
The same test on the other partitions gives about the same speed but
without the errors. Am I correct to deduce that the errors are due to
/dev/hda4 being my main Linux partition, and hdparm is not being nasty
and preventing other processes trying to read the disk while it does
the test?

Oddly, with kernel 2.4.18 the same test gave about 8.5Mb/s for
/dev/hda[124] but 13Mb/s for /dev/hda3. With kernel 2.4.20 they're all
about the same at 10Mb/s. Subjectively, the machine appears a little


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