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Re: catch the output of an app in a perl script

07.12.2002 01:18:56, Shyamal Prasad <shyamal.prasad@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

>It's been some years since I've done real perl programming (thank God
>for Python!), but the original poster might find it interesting that
>the "pipe open" syntax allows the program to read the output when it
>is ready. The backquotes require that the program have enough memory
>to collect the program output at one time. If there is a lot of
>output, that might be worth thinking about.
>Or have I completely forgotten perl?

No, you haven't.
If space is an issue, the pipe open technique is a remedy.
Also in case you want to process output that drops by during a long 
period of time.

Yet, (for me) in most cases, the backticks are sufficient and
slightly more easy to use.

Cheers, Michael

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