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Re: root fs not in df

07.12.2002 19:30:38, bob@proulx.com (Bob Proulx) wrote:
> I don't have a KNOPPIX based system to look at this problem.  But I
> would start looking at /etc/init.d/checkroot.sh and others and make
> sure that after the mount command there the system shows up in the
> mtab.  Perhaps at the time of the command KNOPPIX is used to working
> off of a readonly device and has disabled that feature at that moment.
> Just guessing.  This part of checkroot.sh seems most interesting in
> your case.

Thanx Bob, seems like a full hit.
Replacing /etc/init.d/checkroot.sh with the version of my pure woody solves
the problem.

But I'm not sure, I'm doing the right thing here.
checkroot.sh belongs to package sysvinit.
The version of checkroot.sh is, according to grep "@(#)"
2.84-3	on woody
2.78	on knoppix

The version of sysvinit is, according to dselect and aptitude
2.84-139	on knoppix
2.84-2woody	on woody

Strange to me:
on woody, the versions of checkroot.sh and it's package are quite resembling,
whereas on knoppix there is this discrepancy (2.78 vs. 2.84).
Does this mean, that there is something wrong in the knoppix package?

Giving me trouble:
aptitude does not offer me the choice to upgrade to 2.84-2woody.
Same for dselect and kpackage (but who would have wondered ?)

Any thoughts?

Cheers, Michael

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