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Re: headphone sound.

On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 10:51:13PM -0500, Robin wrote:
> I was wondering how it'd be possible to redirect audio out through my 
> headphone jack if I had something plugged in, or simply how to switch to 
> them.  I recall an old kernel... 2.2.17 or so (from YDL1.2) only sent 
> sound out through the headphone jack, so I assume this isn't impossible. 
> System is an iWhack DV; AWACS sound, kernel module is dmasound_pmac, 
> etc.  Someone told me once that it's simply a matter of adjusting values 
> using aumix, but I've had no luck.

AIUI, most soundcards just implement the headphone socket as another
output channel, so cranking it up in aumix should work.  It's possible
though, that aumix doesn't support mixing that channel, so maybe ALSA
(which seems to have broader and deeper device support, in general)
would work better?  Also, I bet the debian-ppc list would be more
helpful if this doesn't work.


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