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Re: Power Point reader

-- martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote
(on Friday, 06 December 2002, 10:43 PM +0100):
> also sprach Rodrigo Agerri <agerri@sk.ehu.es> [2002.12.06.1043 +0100]:
> > if anyone there find an alternative to openoffice.org, could you let me
> > know it, please?
> why not openoffice.org? it's quite good software and will only get
> better if you use it and report problems.
I'm not the OP, but I will present a reason: If you're on an older
machine (<550MHz), or have less than 128MB RAM, or haven't tuned your
hard drive to utilize DMA and other features that speed access,
OpenOffice.org is a real pig to use. 

My main machine is a 366Mhz Celeron. Until this summer, I had 96MB in
it, and hadn't tuned my hard drive. OpenOffice (and StarOffice) were so
slow and took so many resources as to be virtually useless. (Compare
this to ApplixOffice, which loads in a matter of seconds and uses less
memory than Galeon, and you can see which Office suite won me over.)

I upped my memory to 256MB mid-summer. OOo opened faster, but was still
too slow and used too many resources.

I tuned my hard drive a couple months ago. OOo opens *much* faster, but
still on the order of >20seconds. Since I now need to occasionally send
documents to people in .doc format, I use it, but I'd prefer it weren't
so resource intensive.

(On my wife's new 1.7GHz, 256MB machine with the hard drive tuned, it
takes but a couple seconds. She uses it all the time.)

So, the point I'm trying to make is that I feel the OP is perfectly
correct to seek out an alternative to OOo if he wants to find something
leaner and faster for his hardware. I just wish I could point him to

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

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