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issure on network in 2.4.20 upgrade from 2.2.18

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From: "Kevin Buhr" <buhr@telus.net>
To: "eric" <fsshl@centurytel.net>
Cc: <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 6:00 PM
Subject: Re: Special case of VPN : how can I do this ?

> "eric" <fsshl@centurytel.net> writes:
> >
> > in my peer/dsl-provider
> > pty .......
> > it also have similar situation,
> > but I really did not know why my pppoe keep not work
> > that is in 2.4.20 kernel of 686 from unstable
> Which version of "pppd" are you running?  Since about 2.4.2, the 2.4.x
> kernels have required "pppd" version 2.4.0 or later.  "pppd" version
> 2.3.x won't work.
> If your "pppd" is up to date and still doesn't work, check your
> "/var/log/syslog" after a connection attempt.  Are there any messages
> in there?

pppd start by root , uid 0 is 2.4.1
it have many error on named(hostname error)
and pppd[293] LCP: time out sending config-Requests
pppd[293]:Connection terminated
pppoe[294]:Timeout writing for PADO packet
gdm[460]:Fail to start X server , served time in shourt time perios;
disabling display: 0

I also try ifdown eth0
but I get
ifdown interface eth0 not configured

hoep to see more tech hint or advice

sincere Eric[

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