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Re: Holiday Wish list

also sprach Bill Moseley <moseley@hank.org> [2002.12.05.1749 +0100]:
> And if I can ask for anything, I'd ask for Debian specific HOWTO wikis.  


> I think most all debian setup and config options are discussed on this
> list - often over and over.  I'd love to see individual topic HOWTOs
> specific to debian that can be annotated/updated as questions and answers
> come up on the list.

take the wiki. set up a subsection.

> It would also have to be a rather smart system to detect that addition of,
> say ide-scsi, might need a kernel recompile and include those docs.

it doesn't need a kernel recompile.

> I reinstalled a machine a few days ago and I picked sections of what I
> wanted to install from the notes of three other installs and it was so
> easy to set up that new machine for me.  That's what made me think about a
> way to select the things I want setup and have the notes compiled together
> for me.

get your notes online then. on the above wiki for instance.

i'd also be happy to set up your own wiki for you. after all,
debian0 through debian4.unizh.ch are now under my control. only one
machine running so far, but debian has full support by the university
of zurich. (ftp.ch.debian.org forthcoming...)

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