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Re: slowwww IMAP

> Have you done a search on google for either "mbox to maildir" or
> "mbox2maildir"? Both give some good results immediately (the latter is a
> qmail tool that I used myself when converting from mbox to maildir --
> though I was doing so so that my MTA [postfix] could deliver to maildir
> so Courier-IMAP could be used).

I have taken a look at a couple of the tools but thought that I'd do
better off asking generally about converting than 'how do i use tool
foo'..  I'm also much more concerned with getting my MTA and IMAP/POP
server(s) to deal with the change than the _actual_ change (other much
less comp literate folks use my server and would kill me if pop went
down for any extended amount of time, or if people told them that mail
bounced because I was fooling with my MTA ;p)

> This depends to great degree on whether or not you replace your MTA
> (sendmail). I currently use Postfix as my MTA, and have Courier-IMAP
> (note: not the Courier MTA) running as my IMAP server; with this setup,
> procmail works just fine, and delivers mails efficiently to my maildir
> setup.  Migration from sendmail to postfix was somewhat non-trivial, but
> not terribly so; modifying my conf files in postfix to deliver to
> maildir was a one-liner.

I've actually _really_ wanted to replace sendmail with postfix. 
Unfortunately, running an MTA without SMTP AUTH is not a possibility for
me, and I have spent countless hours wrestling with the Debian postfix
packages and SMTP AUTH to no avail.  Several folks have told me they
have it working with no problem, but that only adds to my frustration,
as I've followed about 10 different sets of instructions..

Have you got SMTP AUTH working? on debian woody?

> I used uw-imap for about a month, and found it _much_too_slow_. Changing
> to Courier-IMAP, and the subsequent migration to maildir format, sped
> things up tremendously. Doing so did NOT require changing my underlying
> MTA, only the mailbox format (and also the recipe format in procmail,
> but that was fairly trivial).

what changes to the recipe format were necessary?

> There are patches available for uw-imap to enable maildir support
> (google for "uw-imap maildir"), but I haven't tested any of these. I
> presume that this might also help your speed problems, but you'll have
> to try it yourself.

I'd rather replace the whole setup than try mucking with some cruddy
patch to uw-imap, which I have been running only out of laziness and
lack of time to get something better going..

Thanks so much!


Justin Ryan <justin@gnubian.org>

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