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Re: Installing Debian i386 on HP Workstation 4000

ghazala.siddiqui@autodesk.com <ghazala.siddiqui@autodesk.com> [2002-12-05 13:15:42 -0800]:

> We made CDs out of the iso images downloaded from the Debian site
> and then burned CDs. So now our first CD is the "rescue CD". When we
> boot from the rescue CD we do not get any error messages but the
> installation halts after the first minute or so and the last message
> on the console is "PCI: Probing PCI hardware". Our machine never
> recovers from this state until we do a hard reboot. Please help.

That is known problem with the 2.2 series kernel.  Please use the 2.4
series kernel and you should be fine.

Boot from Debian CD #1.  At the boot screen press F1 to read the
instructions.  Following those instructions press F3 to see the list
of kernels available to boot.  See the 'bf24' kernel which selects the
2.4.x series kernel.  Boot using that install kernel.


All will proceed normally.

The onboard networking is the Intel 82557 and uses the eepro100
network driver.  When the installer asks you to load modules you will
need to load it manually.  Page down to this entry and select it.

  kernel/drivers/net               Drivers for network interface cards

Then page down to this entry and select it.

  eepro100           - EtherExpress Pro/100 support

The onboard sound is the Intel 82820 which uses the i810_audio
driver.  When you will also have to install that driver at the same
time that you install the networking driver.  Page down to this entry
and select it.

  kernel/drivers/sound             Sound cards.

Then page down to this entry and select it.

  i810_audio        - Intel ICH audio support

Hopefully those two clues should get you running nicely.

My main Debian machine is the HP x4000 dual Xeon and it is a sweet


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