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Re: RealPlayer

That installed it, but there is no sound. I tried switching from built-in sound system to old OSS drivers, but no go.
Any ideas?


Raph HP wrote:

Will RealPlayer work on an iBook?  And, if so.... Well, I downloaded
the yes, it does, and really good

bin file for installation, but everytime I enter the command to
execute the bin, I get the following error: cannot execute binary file
looks like this is not a linux-ppc executable
By the way, I did make the file executable.
hm... are you really sure that you downloaded the right file? The
selection form is _really_ strange, the names are ambigous. I used the
link http://huxley.real.com/real/player/unix/unix.html?src=rpbform

The file I downloaded (and that works) is named:
In the form, under "Select OS" you have to chose Linux/PPC 2000 and
under "Select CPU" PowerPC. I know this is a bit confusing, but it was
not me who wrote this pages :-)


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