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Re: changing a computer's name

--- Jeff Cours <linux-j@moriarti.org> wrote:
> sean finney wrote:
> > have you restarted those daemons?  i think some of them may make a
> single
> > call to hostname when they start up, and never ask again until they
> > reload or restart.
> Yes, when I saw that the old name was being used, I figured someone 
> must be caching it somewhere. Since I didn't know which processes or 
> how many, I took the easy way out and rebooted. Unfortunately, that 
> doesn't seem to have changed the situation -- it looks like the old 
> name must be stored in a file somewhere that the daemons are reading.
> - Jeff
I missed the original post, so excuse me if I am muffing here, but you
did edit /etc/hostname, right?
slamson@callerio:~$ cat /etc/hostname 
slamson@callerio:~$ cat /proc/sys/kernel/hostname 
You can 
#echo "name.network.domain" >/proc/sys/kernel/hostname
to make change immediately w/o rebooting, although I don't know what
this might affect otherwise!

Shawn Lamson
Debian Gnu/Linux Sid
Kernel 2.4.19-custom
XFree86 Version 4.2.1

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