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Re: Magic with make install

* Eduardo Rocha Costa (eduardorochacosta@ieg.com.br) [021205 09:43]:
> Hi, everybody
> I'm new on Debian, and I was wondering if a magic command exists in deb..
> like this:
> Let's suppose that I want to compile the program foo.
> before I run make install, I run this magic command, and it gather
> every information about the installation process.  After, when I do
> not need the foo program anymore, I would be able to remove this
> program with apt-get -remove foo
> Is there such a command ??

I have heard of (but never used) checkinstall for creating custom debs
mostly automatically.  If you can manage digging your fingers in a
little bit, you can also read the New Maintainers' Guide and start
creating your own .debs manually.  It's really not hard.

good times,

"Computer Science is no more about computers
than astronomy is about telescopes."  -- E.W. Dijkstra

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