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Re: missing paperconfig?

>>>>> "Gustav" == Gustav Olsson <gustav@olsson.dhs.org> writes:

Gustav> I need some help on this one: When installing bonobo with
Gustav> "apt-get install bonobo", it depends on libpaperg 1.1.10, and
Gustav> there fore tries to download and install it as well. But I get:
Gustav> "/var/lib/dpkg/info/libpaper1.postinst: line 20:
Gustav> /usr/sbin/paperconfig: No such file or directory"

That's strange.  The libpaper1.postinst on my system doesn't go up to
line 20.  Perhaps you have an older version of libpaper1?

/usr/sbin/paperconfig is in the libpaper-utils package, which libpaperg
1.1.10 depends on.

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