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Re: Veritas Netbackup agent

On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 12:41:16PM +0000, Scott Spence wrote:

Hi Scott,

> Is anyone using the Veritas Netbackup agent on their debian/linux machine?

> I am interested to hear any good/bad comments.
> It has been mentioned to me that the Veritas agent for linux is free - but
> try and work that out from their website! There seem to be plenty of press
> releases out there about linux and veritas but no actual postings on
> usenet!
The Agent is for free but hard to find on the website. They offer a tar package
with staticly linked versions for Linux and a big bunch of commercial Unix
versions. We used it on various Linux Versions (most where RH or Debian) and
Solaris (6|7|8). The early version of the agent where memory consuming and
unstable but ATM they are stable and usable.
If you have to make your backups on a machine wich is 24/7 in use I suggest
to play with ulimit and nice so that the agent can not consume all cpu time.
If you have limited bandwith it could be wise to set up traffic shapping but
that is something that you have to decide after you have set up a testing
Making backups from several networks over a firewall is a nightmare.

After all this may sound bad but when you have set it up once and it is up and
running it will work without any problems.

If you have a choice take a look at other backup programms, too. Making your
own tests is always good.


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