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RE: Clock running slow

I also saw this problem on a suite of machines that were being used for
distributed performance testing.  We had xntpd running but the clocks
still lost too much accuracy too quickly.  We ended up setting up a
process that automatically ran ntpdate every 10 seconds on each of the
machines.  It solved our immediate problem, but it also demonstrated
that time was definitely being lost hand over fist on some machines but
not on others as ntpdate was succeeding and was showing that the clocks
could lost around a millisecond every second which would come to 20
minutes every 13 days.  We never tracked down the cause though.  

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At 07:03 AM 12/05/02 +0000, James Tappin wrote:
>Does the machine have a SCSI bus or a device running under ide-scsi? I
>have seen clocks run extremely slow (less than half speed) when using
>devices with disconnects disabled. NTP can fail to correct if the shift
>too big.

Yes it does.  The machine is used for burning CDs and they are ide-scsi.

Can you recommend a way to test this?  Any work-arounds?

Time is not critical on this machine -- I suppose I could just crontab

Thanks James,

Hum... So, how does cron keep from running things twice if the clock
set back before the cron period?

Bill Moseley

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