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Re: JFS or XFS?

I am using XFS, which has great performance and never corrupt. It is
fast and pretty stable. I use 2.4.19 with XFS 1.1.2-pre3 downloaded from
SGI web page. and compiled with preempt patch. One thing I really like
XFS is you can upgrade to a new version without reformat the partion,
which is very convenient. There are plenty of mature utilities for XFS.
After I tried Reiserfs, ext3 and XFS, I finally chose XFS as my root
partition and /home partition. It is perfect for me.

在 2002-12-01 日 的 23:40, Klaus Imgrund 写道:
> Hello,
> I got currently a partition that holds all my data with an ext3 file
> system.That partition is fragmented so badly that my cd burner works
> with 10x tops.
> I was looking for other file systems and want to give JFS
> or XFS a try. Has anybody experience with those? Issues?
> Klaus
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