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Re: firewall problems !!

Lourens replying to daves debian <dave_arahan@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

      >  I have firestarter installed on my system, I logon as root,
      >  start the setup wizard, simple config, test as root, aok, log
      >  out and into a user account, aok
      >  re-boot my machine and root is OK but no matter what I
      >  configure, my day to day user account cannot access the web, or
      >  mail !!!
      >  I thought that default config would set up a firewall for me ??
      >  I have to 
      >  firestarter --stop
      >  to access the web ...
      >  I admit iptables and IP addresses confuses me, 
      >  Can anyone tell me of an idiots firewall ? One even I can set
      >  up ?

Nice tutorial:

Firewall script that you can run, get a feel for what is being "done"
while you roll your own: http://asgardsrealm.net/linux/firewall



Treat yourself with Debian Linux and Open Source Software.


Lourens Steenkamp

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