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Re: some website only can be access by IE on window, please help get around it

On Tue, 03 Dec 2002 18:56:45 -0700, eric wrote:

>   I know
> www.info@1stgm.net
> it 's highlight link have pull down menu of sublink in ie in window xp
> but in linux and netscape 7 combo, it only can show highlight when
> mouse pass through them without pull down submenu to access.
> Do any one have method to let linux platform to access that submenu?
> highly appreciate your help and time and effort
> sincere Eric(progeny 1.0, user)

I'm no web expert, but it looks to me like the folks over at
info@1stgm.net are using some bits of HTML or JavaScript that are
"exclusive" to internet exploder.  That is to say that the web
developers are using non-standard HTML or (Java|ECMA)Script and the
problem is with the web site, not with Linux.

Contact the developers of the site and encourage them to write stuff
that is compliant with current standars.


Stephen W. Juranich                         sjuranic@ee.washington.edu
Electrical Engineering         http://students.washington.edu/sjuranic
University of Washington            http://ssli.ee.washington.edu/ssli

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