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Re: is there any dummy bandwidth shaping script?

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On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Patrick Hsieh wrote:

PH>Does wondershaper still consume the full downstream bandwidth  when it is 
PH>shaping the download traffic? 

I'm not sure I understand you here but, if by "consume full bandwidth" you
mean the downlink will work with the shaping activated at the same speed as
without the shaping, then the answer is clearly *no*.

You lose some bandwidth (exactly how much, this is your call), you gain more
reasonable latency. This script has the obvious advantage of being fairly
simple to use, yet gives quite good results. My own experience is that top
speed on a single download clocks at 75KB/s (out of 81 max) and uplink at 14
(out of 16) but, on the flip side, on a fully loaded line the latency is
never more than 2 or 3 times the latency of an idle line (instead of being 2
secs flat, or 50 times as much).

YMMV, though.

P.S.: no CC, please, I'm subscribed.

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