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A winmodem problem

I hope someone here can help me.
The system is Debian version 3 and kernel 2.4.18
The modem is described as:
LM (AusTel: 018-05600618) L56DM+S InModem IN5699 (OEM pack), Model IN5692, Lucent 1646T00/1034AH-J (Mars-2) chipset, Requires Lucent "Linmodem" driver Yes No PCI Warwick Rendell, Rick Harris
The computer is a 200Mhz Pentium II (a 586 chip).
From the "Linux Drivers for Lucent/Agere Winmodems - download page" (www.sfu.ca/~cth/ltmodem/)
I have found two drivers, either of which might be the one I need. These are named:  
ltmodem-2.4.18-386 8.00a3 i386.deb   and  ltmodem-2.4.18-586tsc 8.00a3 i386.deb
I have no experience in setting up any modem with Linux and the data above means very little to me.
Questions are:
1. which driver should I try? and
2. how do I remove a package if I install the wrong one?

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