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Problems with "circular dependencies"

Hi all,
I want to thank everyone that helped with all the questions I had before
holiday, and say that the problem with the squashed filenames was resolved
by changing the "window" in midnight commander from vertical split to
horizontal split. I'm still working on my sound problems but that's not the
main focus on my machine, I'm building it mainly for graphics and CAD work.
To that end I've been trying to install sodipodi on my system; the reason I
selected sodipodi over sketch is that it appeared to be more robust
(according to screenshots and the homepage).
Which brings me to a question I have:
Anyway I've run into the problem where a required package depends on a
package that requires the first package mentioned. (huh?) Package A depends
on Package B, Package B depends on among other things Package A. any ideas
how to work around this?

thanks in advance.

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